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The InMotion Accelerator – powered by Jaguar Land Rover – invests in future mobility and smart transportation startups. We’ll help you transform the way the world moves.

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What we offer

Deep expertise
Personal development
Powerful partnerships
London workspace
Fundraising support

What We're Looking For

We invest solely in businesses in the field of mobility and smart transportation. That could mean companies tackling mobility directly, such as navigation or ride-sharing, or underlying technologies and enablers like fin-tech products or software platforms. We also want to see evidence of the following:


  • Deep domain knowledge
  • The technical and creative capability to build a world class product
  • Genuine passion for the product and solving the problem it tackles
  • Strong and supportive co-founder relationships


  • Potential to have a significant impact on the way people and goods move from A to B
  • Difficult for others to replicate
  • Driven by meaningful insight into customer needs and behaviours

Business Model

  • Coherent analysis of the unit economics of the business
  • Addressing a significant, global market
  • Strong understanding of the key operational aspects of the business

Application Process

Application Form

First, complete our simple application form to help us understand the product you’re building, your vision for the business and what makes your team uniquely well-positioned to make it a success.


Once we’ve received your application, we’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within a week) with any further questions and, all being well, an invite to pitch to our investment committee.


If we decide to invest, we’ll send you our term sheet. If it doesn’t make sense for us to invest right now, we’ll provide you with detailed, actionable feedback.


Once both sides are happy with the terms, we’ll undertake some basic due diligence and work with you to close the investment.


Once all the paperwork is finalised, you’ll receive your funding, and shortly after join the accelerator programme.

Expression of Interest

Enter your details below:



What is InMotion?

InMotion Ventures invests in the future of mobility and smart transportation. Powered by Jaguar Land Rover, we’re an independent company that combines the best elements of corporate venturing and internal product development to build a unique environment for aspiring entrepreneurs and early stage start-ups to grow successful businesses.

Our services are designed to delight our customers, improve the way we move, provide access to vehicles beyond ownership and inspire better choices across all modes of transport. We stop at nothing in our mission to transform the way people move and connect them to the places they want to be.

As a business, we have three key strands of activity:

Our accelerator programme through which we provide pre-seed investment and world class support to between 10 and 15 early stage startups per year.

Beyond the accelerator, we also work with later stage startups, providing investment at all stages from seed to series B.

Finally, we also work with the wider Jaguar Land Rover business to develop innovative new products and services in the mobility and transportation space. We adopt fresh approaches to providing existing and new customers with premium mobility experiences.

What is the Accelerator?

The Accelerator is InMotion’s six month programme for early stage technology startups developing products and services in the mobility and smart transportation sector.

During the programme, we provide you with the following:

  • Pre-seed investment*
  • Hands-on support from from our in-house team, including experienced, exited entrepreneurs, designers and technologists
  • A programme of curated masterclasses, talks and events
  • Access to our deep network of industry partners and investors
  • Workspace at InMotion HQ

*We don’t have pre-prescribed terms. We make decisions on the amount of funding we offer, and valuation, on a case by case basis.

What makes this different from other incubators and accelerators?
  • Our exclusive focus on mobility and smart transportation. We have deep expertise, an extensive network in the sector, and the industry-specific knowledge to help you scale quickly.
  • Our bespoke investment terms. We provide the right amount of funding, at the right valuation, rather than adopting a one-size-fits-all approach.
  • Our in-house team. We provide both strategic guidance from experienced entrepreneurs and hands-on support from our in-house design and tech team. They include front and back end developers, data scientists, UX-UI designers, service designers and experts in finance and investment.
  • Our ability to provide follow-on investment. We have the ability to participate in follow-on funding rounds when we see a compelling case for doing so.
  • Our brand. InMotion is a subsidiary of Jaguar Land Rover, a well-loved, trusted and innovative heritage brand. Partnering with us sends a powerful message.
How much funding do you provide?

We provide investment to all teams joining the programme at the point of entry. We don’t have a one-size-fits-all investment model. Instead we judge every business on its merits.

We typically make pre-seed investments using a straightforward convertible note. This simplifies the investment process and enables us to act quickly.

We're seeking investment, but joining an accelerator programme doesn’t seem right for us. Should we still get in touch?

Absolutely. We invest from pre-seed up to Series B, so if the accelerator programme doesn’t feel right for you, do still get in touch with the team.

What does 'mobility and transportation' mean? What sort of businesses are you looking for?

Our definition of mobility and transportation covers a wide range of products, services and business models. These include:

  • Mobility services (eg ride sharing, car sharing, on-demand transit)
  • Technologies and supply chain elements that power mobility products and services (eg fintech products, software platforms, applications of AI to mobility, etc)

What unifies everything we are interested in is that it must have a significant impact on the way people and goods move from A to B.

If in doubt, get in touch with a member of the team to discuss whether your product fits within our investment criteria.

We do not currently invest in hardware-focused businesses at an early stage. If you’re a hardware business, we would We would recommend contacting the Jaguar Land Rover Tech Incubator programme in Portland, Oregon.


Do you invest in single-founder businesses?

Typically we seek to invest in teams, rather than single founders. That said, we occasionally take on Entrepreneurs in Residence, so if you’re a single founder with a great idea, it’s still worth getting in touch.

How many startups does InMotion select?

We run two programmes a year, each lasting 6 months. During a typical year, we expect to support between 10 and 15 businesses, meaning each cohort is likely to comprise 5-7 businesses.

What’s the selection process?

First, complete our application form. Once we’ve received your application, we’ll get back to you ASAP (usually within a week) with any further questions.

If there’s a good mutual fit, we’ll invite you to pitch to our investment committee.

The format and approach of your pitch is entirely up to you, although we’ll help out by telling you the key elements we’d like to see covered. We’re keen to see how you present your business and talk about the product.

We love demos, so wherever possible would like to see the product in action.

Following the pitch, we might ask you for a couple of follow-up calls, or to meet another InMotion team member.

Once we know everything we need to know, we’ll let you know our decision.

Do we have to be based in London?

For the duration of the programme, we require at least two of the founding team to be based at our London offices. A key benefit of joining the programme is co-location with a vibrant community of mobility and transport start-ups.

How long is the accelerator process?

Six months. At the end of that period, we’ll work with you to decide how best to work together going forwards. We don’t disappear at the end of the programme.

What’s the deadline for applications?

We accept applications at any time, but the accelerator runs in two cohorts each year. If you want to join us for the next cohort, we suggest applying ASAP to give yourself the best opportunity to do so.

Does it cost money to participate in the programme?

There is a charge of £6,000 + VAT for each company joining the programme, which is deducted from the total funding we provide to the business. This fee (which equates to £1,000 per month, per company) is there to cover some of the basic costs of running the programme and workspace.

This means that, for instance, if we agree to invest £76,000 for 6% equity in your business, we’ll transfer a net amount of £70,000 after closing the deal. So in effect, you’re getting £70,000 for 6%.

What’s in it for Jaguar Land Rover?

Jaguar Land Rover has a long history of innovation, and is among the biggest investors in R&D in the UK manufacturing sector. InMotion is one of a number of JLR initiatives continuing that heritage.

Like any investor, we seek financial returns, but we also look to find trusted, category-leading partners we can collaborate with for years to come.

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