GoKid unveils GoKid Connect platform built for schools

GoKid unveils GoKid Connect platform built for schools

Portfolio company GoKid has revealed GoKid Connect, a mobility solution designed to connect schools and parents. Using a secure web portal and or the GoKid mobile app, families can quickly locate other families in their school network who live close by and connect with those willing to carpool.

Nearly fifty percent of US schools do not have a dedicated daily bus system, and more than thirty-two million US schoolchildren are driven to and from school every day by their parents. GoKid’s platform eases the burden on these families, as well as on teams and schools, by helping them locate trusted network ride-sharing options within just a few clicks.

GoKid is also now easier to use than ever, with a new web app making it accessible across all devices for the first time.

“Global mobility solutions are transforming every industry. At GoKid, our mission is to deliver the most trusted and comprehensive shared mobility technology for schools, teams and families to create and manage carpools,” says GoKid founder Stefanie Lemcke.

“Today, GoKid is being used in 650 cities in 25 countries, and over 40,000 carpool rides have been scheduled through our mobile and web apps. We’re excited to start working directly with schools and teams to continue helping communities thrive and drive together with GoKid.”

Read more on the GoKid site.


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