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InMotion’s talent spotter

Category: Culture
Published: 12/01/2017

From tracking down entrepreneurs across the world to running events about the future of intelligent mobility, Giorgia Sterza gives Deborah Cicurel an insight into her unique role as InMotion’s talent, community and culture leader.

I’d never worked in HR before

I was the marketing and community manager in a digital agency, and have a background in finance and marketing. When I was offered this job, the really interesting element was the talent side of it: finding entrepreneurs in four different countries for InMotion. It’s a very cool part of my day job.

LinkedIn is absolutely vital for your career

I was personally approached on LinkedIn and it’s definitely one of the channels that I use every single day to recruit people. For example, when I have to find an entrepreneur in Hong Kong and I’m not physically there.

Regardless of what you study, if you want to be part of the startup scene, you need to take every opportunity and go for it

My responsibilities at InMotion are wide-ranging

Stop at nothing

I find entrepreneurs to build up the talent pool for InMotion; develop our community; run meet-ups and events about mobility and future transportation, and also focus on getting the culture of the Accelerator right.

I moved to London from Italy two years ago

I studied economics in Bologna at the oldest university in the world and then joined a consultancy. After six months, I decided to completely change my career. I joined a startup and was the company’s first employee. Going from a company with 150 people to one person was a big change but it was exciting. I stayed there for a year and a half, and then InMotion called me and I thought, “Why not? Let’s take this challenge”.

My journey has taught me to be open to every single opportunity

Regardless of what you study, if you want to be part of the startup scene, you need to take every opportunity and go for it. Looking around our office, I see people from every single industry with different backgrounds and different stories.

You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I wear a different hat every day and need to be ready to adapt myself constantly. It’s challenging but very exciting

Working in a startup has its challenges, but you’re creating something that is different rather than working for a huge company


When you’re one of the only employees and you’ve just started working in a startup, you don’t even know if it will still be on the market in six months, but those are the risks you take to get greater rewards.

The challenging aspects of a startup are the parts I enjoy most

Every day there’s something different. You never know what’s going to happen tomorrow. I wear a different hat every day and need to be ready to adapt myself constantly. It’s challenging but very exciting.

I look for certain ingredients when trying to spot unique talent

We have two types of roles: venture builders and venture founders. For venture builders, I’m looking for serial entrepreneurs, who have already created different startups, raised money, built a team, worked in different industries and perhaps even sold the company.

For venture founders, I’m looking for someone who is really bright: maybe they’ve just finished university or have come from a consultancy company and they’re looking to join a startup because they’re passionate about an industry.

It’s important to be more than just a CV

I want people to show me their achievements, their stories and their successes rather than just sending a CV. We receive applications from so many candidates now, so to really find someone who has the right skills, we need proof of what they’ve done before and what they would be able to do.

If I could go back and give advice to a younger version of me, I’d say join a startup, even during university

At university, I worked at a bank, which is completely different from working at a startup, but getting that experience while studying was really important to me. I’d also say go abroad and get exposure to different cultures.

In my job, I feel I’m part of the journey towards intelligent mobility

Land Rover

An essential part of finding the right talent is being able to see if that single person can create a venture that is going to make an impact on the industry. It’s one of the most exciting areas to be in: there are so many things that are going to change in the next few years.

A bit more about Giorgia …

  • Favourite movie: Now You See Me – I love the illusion that the magic creates
  • Favourite colour: Blue – it reminds me of the ocean and it’s quiet
  • Favourite TV show: The Big Bang Theory – I’m a big fan of Sheldon
  • Favourite food: Lasagne and gelato – being Italian I’m a big foodie!
  • Favourite country: Italy, not because I’m originally from Italy but because you can find anything you want, from the beach to the mountains
  • Somewhere you’d love to visit: Thailand, Australia, The Maldives, Vietnam and many more. I love travelling around the world
  • If you hadn’t followed this career path what would you have done: Worked in the fashion industry
  • Favourite quote: “Never give up”
  • Someone in the public eye you look up to: Sheryl Sandberg (Facebook’s COO)
  • Three people, living or dead, you’d invite to a dinner party: Sheryl Sandberg, Gary Vaynerchuk, Harry Stebbings