Megatrends: 4 giant forces reshaping how we travel – infographic

Megatrends: 4 giant forces reshaping how we travel – infographic

As a phenomenon, megatrends can be categorised as seismic, global movements that trigger a profound shift in attitudes and behaviour. In terms of scale, think big … really big.

Here’s an analogy. The difference between something that is classed as a trend and something that is considered to be a megatrend is kind of like the difference between a Game Boy and an iPhone – both are hugely popular handheld devices, but only one has permanently shifted the way in which we communicate, behave and do business .

And get around. As you will see, when it comes to movement, megatrends that are also forcing us to rethink how we get around.

When it comes to urban mobility, there are four big megatrends to be aware of.




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