Kam is the finance lead for Havn.

Kam made the switch from Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) to London based InMotion Ventures in 2018. He started his career at JLR working in various finance roles (~5 years), most notably in Product Development (New Defender) and Strategic Investments / Partnerships (Lyft, Waymo).

Kam’s early career in traditional automotive finance has coalesced into the disruptive world of ‘mobility’ where Kam has focused for the last 4 years – manifesting itself most recently in Havn.

Kam studied Accounting & Finance (BSc Hons) at the University of Bristol in England and is a fully qualified chartered accountant (ACMA, CGMA).

He lives in London has and has a keen interest in disruptive trends (Mobility, Sustainability & Cryptocurrency).

Kam also enjoys reading, especially classical history, sampling London’s food scene, occasionally giving cooking a try at home and sometimes makes a special appearance on the decks at parties.