Safe and certified software for autonomous mobility. Apex.AI enable automotive developers to implement complex AI software and AI developers to implement safety-critical applications


Ascend Elements is transforming the lithium-ion supply chain. They take used batteries and scrap from OEMs, and reduce it to create new cathode materials


Bumper enables customers to spread the cost of car repairs by offering interest-free, flexible payments to help drivers better afford necessary repairs and maintenance


Carmoola encourages consumers to rethink the way they pay for a second hand car – by understanding what they can afford, before beginning their search


One-stop shop for car owners to manage all their vehicle related services and payments. Parking, tax, congestion charge, tolls, insurance in one place


Circulor traces commodities from extraction to the finished product, supporting manufacturers with their sustainability goals


Chipflow’s open source SaaS platform is democratising custom micro-chip design


Energy Source offer solutions for the repair, reuse and recycling of lithium batteries,


Envisics make holographic technology available to consumers through their augmented reality head-up display (AR HUD) technologies


ev.energy connects electric vehicles to grid networks to make charging simpler, greener and cheaper


Generation Phoenix use leather waste, offcuts, and plant-based feedstock to create sustainable and luxury next-gen materials

Generation Phoenix

LGN is an edge AI software vendor, founded by leading MIT and Oxbridge academics, with commercial operations in the UK, US and Europe


North America’s number 1 journey planning app, Transit cuts through the complexity of urban transport. Users can find, compare and pay for the best form of transport in real time


Uncaged produce biomimetic leather alternatives based on natural components such as plant-based proteins, rather than the plastic-based materials found elsewhere. 


A digital platform that makes group travel planning and booking easy. WeSki is their first product, bringing more choice, flexibility and simplicity to ski holidays


Intelligent personal assistant for navigation and transportation. Natural language processing and machine learning power intuitive journey planning through a conversational interface


Verax provide enterprise-grade security solutions for Generative AI, allowing every company to build AI agents with confidence


Zeelo is the smart bus platform for organizations, providing flexible turn-key and plug-in transportation programs for commuting, shuttles and school runs



Innovative pay-by-mile car insurance. Rather than buy a traditional policy, sign up for a fixed cost to cover your car while it’s parked, then pay-by-mile for any journeys you make


Enables end-to-end online car buying and financing for dealers, OEMS and lenders, working within the dealer franchise system in order to improve its online capabilities and deliver an omnichannel experience.


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Building a global Outdoor Adventure Platform that brings together consumers with businesses, destinations and brands to enjoy better and safer adventures, using 3D mapping technology.


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The fastest-growing rideshare company in the US, available in more than 350 cities. Reconnecting people and communities through better transportation.


Leveraging technology to reduce inefficiencies in transportation. SPLT partner with corporations, universities, and municipalities to provide a sustainable enterprise carpooling solution.

Acquired by Robert Bosch GmbH, February 2018.

Leading digital roadside assistance platform, offering a fully integrated solution from first notification to repair, enabling timely dispatches and efficient information exchange between parties


Lets shops and restaurants pay for their customers’ transportation. Consumers hit spending targets to earn credits they can use for mobility services.

Acquired by Reach Now, May 2019.

Deploying self-driving cars in amazing communities. Voyage is building a world where anyone, anywhere can summon a car directly to their doorstep and travel safely to their destination.